Stop Branding and Start Marketing.

//Stop Branding and Start Marketing.

Stop Branding and Start Marketing.

You are not “a brand.”

This is the biggest – and most frequent – mistake in our industry. Coaches, gym-owners, and consultants love touting their services as if they’re a household name. This isn’t inherently bad, or wrong. But, it certainly does have consequences:

  1. Confusing your audience.
  2. Less leads captured.
  3. Zero sales made.

You’ve spent countless hours building funnels and creating content with nothing to show for it. In an industry that’s already tainted with the aura of “the grind” I can’t imagine how frustrated and helpless you must feel when you don’t get a return on your hard work.

But, there is hope. If you’re good at what you do, then you deserve to be recognized in your community.

The solution? Stop branding and start marketing!

Unfortunately, you’ve been conditioned by behemoths like Nike whose one-liner is, “Just Do It.” As a result, you unconsciously believe the same tactic will work for you.

If you don’t pivot from branding to marketing, your doors won’t remain open much longer. Then who will help the athletes in your community? “Functional Freddy” down the street? Eff that.

Imagine your gym packed to the gills with paying members. What if I told you that isn’t just possible, but probable? I know it is, because I’ve done it.

When I founded Freak Faktory over four-years ago, I was in your same shoes. I studied the biggest companies. What they said. How they said it. And tried to replicate the same strategies in my business. The result? Crickets. No leads. No sales. No food on the table. Then I stopped trying to be so damn clever and opted for clarity instead. The result? I made more than thirty-thousand dollars in one summer. Gave away my business. Moved to Arizona. And now I get to help you do the same.

Marketing 101:

  1. People are drawn to problems.

    When is the last-time you walked out of a movie? Do you remember why? My guess? There wasn’t any, (or enough) conflict! Don’t believe me? Ever wonder why Avengers: Infinity War trounced Justice League at the box office? One reason: Thanos. He was constantly highlighted in the movie; wherever he went, conflict followed and your level of engagement soared. Conversely, do you even remember who the villain was in Justice League? I won’t hold it against you if you don’t. Steppenwolf wasn’t introduced until you already left or fell asleep. Moral of the story? Know what problem is afflicting your prospects, then agitate it early and often.

  2. Say what you do.

    I can’t help but roll my eyes when I see a gym’s Instagram bio read, “Where the best get better!” I literally have no idea what that means. Are you a cosmetology school? A law firm? There’s a business right outside of Nashville, Tennessee called Local Honey. Here’s what the header on their website reads:
    Prospects run away from confusion and run towards clarity. Just say what you do and call it a day.

  3. Call to Action.

    Donald Miller has a great quote, “Prospects do not take action unless they are challenged to take action.” You know what else I love about Local Honey’s marketing? They don’t mess around. They’re not passive aggressive with some weak “Learn More” button. Hell no. They aren’t asking you, they’re telling you to BOOK NOW and become a paying customer. If you want more business, be more aggressive.

And now my “call to action” for you is to stop branding and start marketing! If you want to take a deeper dive into this subject matter. Then download my FREE book, The 3 Cs of Marketing by clicking the image below!

We all have the “Functional Freddy” gyms in our community. And if you don’t switch from branding to marketing, those gyms will continue to compete – and win – in your community.


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