Sales Funnel = Survival!

//Sales Funnel = Survival!

Sales Funnel = Survival!

In case you’ve been living under a rock since March, this country is in a recession. The media has no problem constantly reminding you either, do they? Hell, as a sprinter, I am always checking the weather before I make plans for tomorrow’s training session. Can’t even get through a simple Google search without seeing yet another local business closing for good.

I don’t know of one business that hasn’t been affected by the state and nationwide shutdowns. Perhaps your brick and mortar has also seen a massive gash to it’s bottom-line. As a former gym-owner, I remember having trouble sleeping at night due to the uncertainty of how we’d fare when kids went back to school. But that pales in comparison to the war waging between your ears nowadays.

But, there is hope. You ought to be able to rest easy at night. You deliver a damn good service. And you deserve to make it out of this mess unscathed regardless of the circumstances.

As Donald Miller says, “A sales funnel equals survival!”

If your governor is anything like mine, then him or her is probably making your life way more difficult than it has to be. Arbitrarily closing gyms without an ounce of scientific evidence showing your business is causing an uptick in COVID-19 cases, much less deaths.

Whats my rebuttal to said governors? Fuck em. You – and your business – can most definitely survive this crisis. But, if you don’t have a sales funnel, then you’re already dead. You just don’t know it yet.

Don’t worry. I look forward to the day you and I are exchanging emails as we look back at these strange times laughing our asses off. That day will come. Trust me.

While I am no longer a gym-owner, I do know a thing or two about survival because I have survived a time or two. Did my consulting business take a hit when our economy took a shit? You bet. Did it cripple me? Nope. Why? I stopped chasing customers and started funneling them. It worked for me, and I’m a moron. So I have no doubt it will work for you as well.

How to Build a Sales-Funnel

  1. Your Mission Statement/One-Liner

    While your one-liner can and should be a truncated version of your Mission Statement, if your Mission Statement is brief enough, then it can take it’s place as the first step in your sales-funnel. If you don’t know what your Mission Statement should consist of, then refer to last week’s post to gain clarity. Put this puppy everywhere: your bio on social media, your signature in emails, company swag and apparel, your Instagram and Facebook captions, paint it on your damn wall. And most importantly, have your staff memorize it. If you and your coaches can’t remember your Mission Statement/One-Liner, then why expect your prospects to? Good marketing is an exercise in memorization.

  2. Website

    First of all, if you don’t have a website, then we need to talk. Second, if you do have a website, I’m guessing it needs liposuction. Much like the scene in Pearl Harbor when the boys are stripping as much as they possibly can off those planes so they can get it off the aircraft carrier without plunging into the abyss. If your website is too “heavy” then it’ll never get off the ground and make you money. How do you trim the fat on your website? Simple. When someone visits your website, they get two options and two options only: BUY NOW (or SCHEDULE AN APT, BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION, etc.) or BUY LATER (i.e. this is where you insert your lead generator). If you give the prospects too many options, they’ll get confused, overwhelmed, and leave your site. No bueno.

  3. Lead Generator

    Odds are, a prospect isn’t going to buy right away. Just like a stranger wouldn’t marry you after bumping into you on the sidewalk. You’re going to have to buy them dinner first. Enter your Lead Generator. This is something you’re giving away entirely FREE. All it “costs” your prospect is an email address. If you want more information on Lead Generators, then read this post to spur a nice brainstorming session. Once they’ve downloaded your Lead Generator, they’ll then be entered into a Nurture Campaign.

  4. Nurture Campaign

    Pat Rigsby uses a great analogy for Nurture Campaigns: treat the relationship with your prospects like your bank account. You wouldn’t constantly withdraw from your checking or savings, would you? Of course not. You’d go broke sooner or later. So, I’d urge you to not “withdraw” from your email lists by bashing them over the head with sales emails. You’re going to turn them off, quick. On the other hand, if you deposit more often than withdraw from your bank, your account will fatten up. Then, when the time comes to make a withdrawal, it is much easier to do so. No different than with your email list. If you’re constantly making “deposits” into them by delivering an immense amount of value each time they open a note from you, odds are they’ll be much more inclined to buy once you do ask for a “withdrawal” so to speak.

  5. Sales Campaign

    Here’s a pro-tip: I actually don’t attach a Nurture Campaign to my Lead Generators. And the reason why is because: A) I am nurturing my list three-times per week already and B) By the time the prospect has downloaded the Lead Generator, they’ve most likely had seven or eight “touches” already. If your Mission Statement is plastered everywhere, each time the prospect sees it, that is considered one “touch.” Couple that with the website visit(s) and the free download, you’ve “touched” them several times already. They’re ready to buy. What does a sales campaign consist of? There are a few different templates:
    1) Talk about a problem. Provide your solution. Then ask them to BUY NOW.
    2) Provide a customer testimonial. Social proof is powerful. Put a video of someone who’s had success in your program with a smiling face. The prospect will be much more likely to BUY NOW if they see others having success with your service.
    3) Overcome an objection. Price is always a biggie. Re-frame price or cost not as a “spend” for your customer, but as an “investment” in the ONE body they have.
    4…5…6…) If you need more help with your Sales Funnel, then reach out to me at to book a Discovery Call.

Can your business survive this recession? I believe it can. But only if you take the necessary steps to do so. Those steps include:

  1. Clicking the image below.
  2. Buy the course and complete in a few short hours.
  3. Implement what you’ve learned and watch your business grow.

How many athletes are passing up your training?  Do potential customers know why they need your coaching? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

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Imagine the feeling of having to expand because you’re now thee place to train.

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