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The CVASPS Podcast

“In this edition of The Podcast I get to talk developing basketball players with The Freak Faktory’s Hunter Charneski. We start out talking about how he got into training basketball players, and then dive into broad spectrum of athlete’s he gets to work with. He then shares his idea of “Maximize The Mundane”. Next, he gives some great examples of what he’s doing in his initial training periods, and discusses his mentors, and how he fits their work into one program. Lastly we talk about where there are the similarities that he notices with basketball players from the youth all the way to the college level, and how to make changes to adapt to what you have equipment wise with training your athletes.”


Robertson Training Systems

“In this show, Hunter and I talk about the amazing path that got him started in the physical preparation industry, how he’s using post-activation potentiation to prime his football players before a game, and the biggest thing that’s missing from high school strength and conditioning programs.”