Does Your Mission Statement Suck?

//Does Your Mission Statement Suck?

Does Your Mission Statement Suck?

Everything starts with a mission. When you define your company’s mission clearly, you tend to summon a lot of energy and resources. People will be for you and your team will be aligned. Your mission is your business’ foundation. Let me give you an example.

A buddy of mine was late to his wedding. All his groomsmen were with him as they were fighting like hell to arrive on time for his big day. But they got stuck in traffic; there was no way they were going to make it on time. So, it was decided they were going to do something about it. In a last ditch effort, the driver went off road onto the shoulder of the highway to pass by the rest of the proverbial logjam. As you would expect, the drivers in the other vehicles weren’t impressed. Honking and cursing ensued. They became hostile, shooting the finger at them, and burning holes with their death stares. They even pulled over into the shoulder to stop my buddy from getting by.

Then, my friend has an idea. “Wait a minute! We have the tuxedos here in the car!” The groomsmen stop the car. They changed into their tuxedos frantically. Before they start driving again, a pizza box left over from the night before was discovered in the backseat. By the grace of God, a Sharpie was in close proximity as well. The groom hopped in the back of the car, and wrote in all caps:


And he held it in plain sight for the rest of the traffic to see. All of a sudden, everybody is for them. The cars move out of the way. Instead of cursing them and flipping them off, the folks in the other vehicles start cheering them on. “You can do it!” Honking for other cars to make way and applauding their effort. Why?

Because my buddy had clearly defined an important mission.

When you define an important mission, everything changes. How you do so is by having a Mission Statement. The only problem is, most gym’s Mission Statement’s suck. They’re full of insider language, business speak, long and boring. If your gym’s Mission Statement isn’t summoning a ton of energy, mobilizing people for and towards you, then it isn’t a very good one.

I personally believe you should kill your Mission Statement and write a new one entirely. You got into this industry to help people and change lives. Your Mission Statement should reflect that and grow your business. You deserve it.

If you don’t kill your current Mission Statement and start over, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, as well as (slowly) being forgotten in your community.

How to Craft a Mission Statement:

  1. Introduce conflict.

    Here’s a story. One morning I woke up and went to my coffee maker. I filled the coffee maker with water, threw the filter in, dumped the grounds in and pressed “ON.” Then the machine started gurgling as water slowly dripped into the pot. After a few minutes, the coffee pot was filled with coffee. I poured myself a cup and enjoyed my freshly brewed Joe.

    OK – that story sucked. In fact, you were probably wondering to yourself, “When is this story going to begin?” But what you were actually wondering was, “Where is the conflict?” Which is the same question I ask myself when reading most gym’s Mission Statements.

    Here’s another story. One morning I woke up and went to my coffee maker and found a severed hand.

    Now we’ve got a story. Why? Because we introduced conflict, which is exactly what the first-line of your Mission Statement should do. To help you out, here’s the first-line of Charneski Power’s Mission Statement:

    At Charneski Power, we understand most coaches are grossly underpaid.

    Boom. Conflict introduced. Now whoever reads that wants to keep reading. What does the first-line of your gym’s Mission Statement say? Does it introduce conflict? It should.

  2. Define a solution.

    Once you’ve introduced conflict, the next line of your Mission Statement should define a solution that directly relates to the conflict in the line previous. For example, here is the second line of my company’s Mission Statement:

    So, we’ve created a framework to turn your message into money.

    We defined a solution that directly relates to the first-line of the Mission Statement. You guys know me, the simplest solution is always the best one. Don’t out think the room on this. Once you’ve introduced conflict, what does your gym do to solve it? Whatever that is, put it in the second line of your Mission Statement.

  3. Foreshadow the stakes.

    This is the fun part for me. I believe this line and this line alone will make your Mission Statement become a net for catching customers. Why? Because you paint a picture of what life looks like when they do business with you. But more importantly, when they don’t. Here is the last line in Charneski Power’s Mission Statement:

    Which results in financial freedom instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    We touched on the benefit of doing business with us as well as the loss experienced if customer’s don’t. It is crucial to include the “loss” in your Mission Statement because human beings are more risk averse than gain oriented. Now, put the whole thing together:

    At Charneski Power, we understand most coaches are grossly underpaid. So, we’ve created a framework to turn your message into money. Which results in financial freedom instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    And there you have it. That is a Mission Statement. No curse of knowledge. No insider language. No business speak. Simple and to the point.

Can you turn your message into money? We believe you can, but only if you do it right. To do that, all you need are three key components:

  1. A story that captivates customers.
  2. A mission statement that moves them closer to you.
  3. A funnel to attract them into your gym.

Here’s how it works!

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  3. Implement what you’ve learned and watch your business grow.

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