Challenge Your Customers or They’ll Never Buy From You.

//Challenge Your Customers or They’ll Never Buy From You.

Challenge Your Customers or They’ll Never Buy From You.

Nobody wants to subscribe to your newsletter. Nobody wants to “learn more.” And for Pete’s sake, nobody is going to read the majority of what your website or social media profile says. Prospects don’t read websites or Instagram bios. They scan them.

When a (should be) customer visits your website, that’s all it is – a visit. Why? Because they’re confused. They don’t know:

  1. What you offer.
  2. How they get it.

Which results in less leads coming into your ecosystem. This is a problem. Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Leads become consultations. Consultations become customers. Customers keep the lights on. I can only imagine the anxiety one must suffer after wasting thousands of dollars (or time) building a website that doesn’t work. You shouldn’t be concerned with being “too pushy” in the sales process. You’re a damn good coach. You deserve a website that works.

The solution? You know me. It’s simple: customers will not take action unless they are challenged to take action!

That “marketer” or “guru” who says otherwise? Eff em. Get your money back. If your website isn’t growing your business, then why do you have it? What’s more, if your site isn’t producing at least five leads per week, (and that is being conservative) don’t expect to make it out of this recession. Four leads per week equals twenty per month. Half of those leads should convert to consultations. And a third of those consultations should become paying customers. The result? Three new clients per month. This is a bare minimum.

All isn’t lost, though. Far from it. You won’t survive this recession, you will thrive; coming out even stronger than before the pandemic hit. Now, I wouldn’t fault you for wondering, “Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to have an opinion on the matter?” Well, by the grace of God, my business didn’t suffer once COVID-19 shut down everything. But, I was certainly bleeding a few years ago while still at Freak Faktory. I remember seeing less than three-hundred dollars in our bank account. Less than three-hundred dollars. I had rent to pay, staff to take care of, and food to provide. So trust me when I say, “I get it.” if you’re hurting financially.

Even during these challenging times, customers need to be challenged to take action with your offering(s) or they won’t. When a prospect visits your website, you need to provide them with two options and only two options.


  1. Direct Call to Action (CTA)

    Answer the “How do I get it?” question by having a direct call to action button on your website. Examples: “Hire John.” or “Schedule an Appointment.” or my personal favorite, “BUY NOW!” Again, don’t worry about being too pushy. A passive aggressive “Learn More.” button screams how little you believe in your product or service. It communicates weakness. It’s kinda like dating, whomever you’re courting is attracted to confidence. No different with what your business offers.

  2. Transitional CTA

    There will be plenty of folks who will buy from you immediately. Others may need some trust built first. Which is understandable. A Direct CTA is sort of like asking, “Will you marry me?” to a complete stranger. That’d be a tad weird, right? In this case, view your Transitional CTA as a way to take your prospect on a “few dates” first. Examples of Transitional CTAs are: FREE PDFs, E-Books, Mini-Courses, Trial workouts, and the like. “But Hunter, how much FREE stuff do I giveaway?” Well, it never hurts to be known as a generous coach or business. A good rule-of-thumb is to giveaway the what and why, and sell the how. But, all of my Transitional CTAs giveaway a lot of the how too. The trust gained from Transitional CTAs will spur engagement with your business sooner or later.

In review, implementing a Direct and Transitional CTA on your website will help you make your way out of this mess smelling like roses. If you want to take a deeper dive into marketing for your business, then download my Transitional CTA, The 3 Cs of Marketing by clicking the image below!

Passive aggressiveness isn’t only annoying, but it’s bad for business. Challenge your customers to take action, or they won’t. And all you’ll be left with is time on your hands.


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